Online Sports Betting: The Hows and Whats

The sole purpose of gambling is to win. What good will your bets be if you don’t win, right? Whether it’s online sports betting or casino gambling, anyone who places a bet is looking to increase his chances of getting a high return.

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Sports betting then

Betting on different kinds of sports has been practised for many years. In fact, it has existed for as long as men have played sports.

In Ancient Greece, various sporting events were held, and records that prove gambling occurred during those times have been gathered since then.

Gladiators participated for the prizes, but the stands were also teeming with action as spectators made their bets. Betting wasn’t only limited to those deadly games. Over the course of history, many cultures and events witnessed how gambling was associated with many different sporting occasions.

Sports betting today

With the introduction of cyber gambling came online sports betting. One of the most popular sports that people place their bets on is football, which is a billion-dollar industry today.

Other sports that you can bet on include baseball, horse racing, basketball, hockey, car racing, golf, and Olympic sports. What makes modern sports betting so much better than the ancient form of betting is that you can place bets on different selections at once. Nowadays, you can also “handicap” sports events, which means that you can easily determine which team or player you should bet on using any available information on the internet.

How to win at sports betting

It has always been a popular belief that bookmakers have more advantage when it comes to betting. These smart players use mathematical techniques that ensure they are always at an advantage in every event. Although they don’t always win, they make sure they make some cash in the long run. This is due to a simple fact that a lot of bettors usually place bad bets. More info here Ebet88.

Yes, bookmakers may have more advantage than you. But this doesn’t mean that the odds can’t be in your favor.

If you want to win, the first step you need to take is to stop making negative EV (Expected Value) bets.

Expected Value or EV is a term used in gambling. What does it mean? When two persons decide to play flip-a-coin and bet $1 for every outcome, not one of them has an advantage because half the time they win $1 and half the time they also lose $1. This means that they’ll break even at one point. This is called a neutral expected value.

But once the wager is increased, say $1.10 for every head outcome, there is a positive EV of 5 cents since, on an average of 100 flips, the winning bettor will have 50 wins of $1.10 (equivalent to $55) and 50 losses of $1 (equivalent to $50). Meanwhile, the person offering the higher wager gets a negative EV of 5 cents for every flip.

For the best chances of winning in online sports betting, you need to be more alert in determining the best opportunities that present good or positive EV. Find out more at

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